Difference Between Loestrin and Lo Loestrin

Loestrin and Lo Loestrin are two types of birth control pills. These pills are widely used in Europe, USA and some parts of Asia. Both pills fall in the contraceptive category but they are produced from different chemical formulas. Loestrin is monophasic while Lo Loestrin is a triphasic pill. Both pills basically contain different types of female hormones. These hormones are a combination of several hormones while the pill mechanism simply prevents women from their normal menstrual cycle and at the same time, it effectively prevents the release of an egg from the ovary. The monophasic pill Loestrin contains high estrogen concentration while the triphasic pill Lo Loestrin contains slightly lower estrogen concentration.


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    Loestrin is a monophasic pill and contains high concentration of estrogen. The main purpose of this pill is to prevent an egg from the ovary to release. It means that even the presence of sperm cannot fertilize the egg. With the usage of this pill, it sometimes hardens the cervical mucus and put a stop to sperm reaching the uterus. Loestrin is also called the combination of ethinyl estradiol along with progestin and ferrous fumarate. The mineral supplement is also important in Loestrin’s mechanism as it basically controls the level of hormones throughout a menstrual cycle. Doctors do not recommend this pill to any woman who suffers from high blood pressure, severe migraine and women who have history of breast cancer or uterine cancer. Women, who have also given birth, should not use Loestrin. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can also face serious side effects of this pill. According to doctors, the foremost danger of this pill can transfer via breast milk can harm the baby. Antibiotics pills along with seizure medication, AIDS and Hepatitis C have tendency to decrease the effect of Loestrin.

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    Lo Loestrin

    Lo Loestrin is a triphasic pill that contains slightly lower estrogen concentration than Loestrin. Its mechanism maintains three identifiable stages of the menstrual cycle that controls the hormone levels in women. This pill contains 0.01mg of ethinyl estradiol and 1mg of norethindrone. Lo Loestrin also has a fair amount of female hormones that function better with different supplements. Along with these other supplements, the ferrous fumarate supplement is the most important one in Lo Loestrin. Like Loestrin, Lo Loestrin is also not good for high blood pressure, diabetes and migraine patients.

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