Difference Between Education and Schooling

Many people confuse the term education with schooling because they thing that education can only be attained at the schools but this concept is entirely wrong. You are mixing up the provider of the service with the service itself and as you know that there are so many providers for the same type of product, hence, you can’t narrow down the concept of education and associate it with schooling. These two things are two different dimensions connected together but can’t be interlinked and used as a substitute. It is wrong to interchange the usage of education and schooling.


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    Education can be earned at different places. The first and foremost place where education of basic necessities and manners are learned is at home and if you narrow it further then your mother is the first educational institution. Schooling comes after the first three years where a person learns how to ask for food, how to walk and know a little about making words and sentences.

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    Schooling is associated with everything that happens inside the school. A student learns different subjects at the school and understands the concepts that can’t be learnt at home because there is no expert like a teacher to teach them at home plus the environment of school helps the student.

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    Education can be about anything. If a student is not taught anything about artistry at school, he can hire an instructor at home and attain education about artistry etc. Similarly, it goes for everything else like sports as well. If you want to be a footballer, you can join an academy which will be related to schooling but you can’t learn something that can only be learnt at the playing ground near your home. The playground teaches you the teamwork and helps you to use your skills and polish them.

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    Education helps the society as a whole and the source of producing the educated personnel is a school. People seek education in school. Education is the product of an institution but both things are different when talked because school can’t help a child who don’t want to study and can’t impose education on him/her, however, he/she can still be studying there.

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    Education can be spread from a person to person but schooling can’t be spread in that fashion. It is restricted to a person who studies there.

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