How to Teach About the Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Alcohol can damage your judgement and may cause accidents. Therefore, one has to be sure that they do not take a lot of alcohol before driving; or even generally. It damages your health, and you have to cut it down if the intake of alcohol in your body is too much.

In case you are a teacher, a doctor or even a group leader of a youth group, there might be a day in your life when you will have to give a lecture to the people about how alcohol is not good for their health and how it affects the brain adversely.


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    Whenever you are planning to give a lecture regarding anything, you should set a venue first. The venue will also determine the amount of people that you are targeting.  For instance, if the group that you are giving the lecture to consists of only ten people, then you will not need a huge hall; in fact, you can easily work things out in a small room.

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    Always try to be as formal as possible. The formality of the lecture will really help the others out and they will realize how seriously you take each and everything that you are saying. Try to keep slideshows, and pictures. Since the topic under discussion is alcohol, pictures showing the adverse effects of alcohol can help you take your message across the crowd.

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    Since you will be targeting a particular group, always try to ask the police department to be a part of such a gathering. You never know when things can go wrong, as you might be delivering the message to drug addicts or alcohol consumers and they might not like whatever you are trying to convey.

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    Start off by an introduction. It will help people understand the agenda under the spotlight. You can explain to them what alcohol does to the human body and how it is not the best thing to overdose on. Always be polite in your tone, and answer each and every question which the audience come up with. These questions will help you build a better repute with the people who are attending your conference.

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    Always talk about the long-term effects of alcohol. Try to get into their head about each and everything that you are trying to convey. Try to get your message across through any means necessary. Give them your number so that they can call you later and ask you anything which is troubling them.

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