How to Produce Usable Methane Gas

Methane gas is formed when anaerobic bacteria breaks down into organic material. People are now shifting from fossil fuels towards agricultural fuel. Anaerobic manure digester or methane digesters are used for extracting methane as combustible fuel. This means methane gas will be able to use for generating electricity. This electricity can be used for powering farms and other machinery. These methane digesters are expensive but similar methods can be used in order to create electricity on a smaller scale. The best use of this gas can be obtained when it is generated.

Things Required:

– 50-gallon steel drum
– 30-gallon plastic towel
– 3 safety release valves
– Rubber tubing


  • 1

    Coat the drum with sealing foam

    First of all you need to remove the lid of the 50-gallon steel drum. Cover it with sealing foam. Remember that this foam encourages bacteria to react with the waste, ultimately releasing the bacteria.

  • 2

    Perforate the sides of the drum

    After filling the inside of the drum with sealing foam, you need to make two holes in it. One hole should be towards the top from which you can extract methane gas. The other hole should be located near the bottom from where you can easily collect the by-product. Remember that the by-product of this procedure is used as a fertilizer on fields.

  • 3

    Perforate the bottom

    Next you need to invert the steel drum on which you have made two perforations. After this you need to make another hole on the bottom. Then install intake valve on the bottom.

  • 4

    Pour the slurry

    Next you need to make slurry i.e. mixing manure and water. Remember to mix with appropriate and recommended proportions. After making, you need to pour it in the steel drum.

  • 5

    Neoprene cover

    You need to place a neoprene cover on the top of the drum. When the methane gas is created, it will rise.

  • 6

    Apply rubber ring

    Next you need to apply rubber ring or any air-tight material after joining methane exit valve to the entrance valve. Remember that the entrance valve needs to have a flow control. This is to make sure that methane is moving inwards.

  • 7

    Release methane

    When the cover expands, you need to release methane in the drum. You should shut the valve off when plastic barrel ascends.

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