Difference Between Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment

The quantity of work in a job and the quality of that work is what differentiates job enlargement from job enrichment. Both terms may seem to be similar, but carry very different meanings that can mean the difference between the Earth and the sky.

In job enlargement, an employee is faced with a tougher workload, more responsibility, which in the end may or may not affect the status of his position or salary and other benefits. Enrichment on the other hand is the level of satisfaction an employee receives from his employment. Economic factors have a lot to do with how both of these terms are applied in a work office and can mean an employee having to work harder to get the same compensation, or find it more thrilling to be in the same position with added benefits and a larger sum of money at the end of the day.


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    Job Enlargement

    Job enlargement is mostly used when employers are struggling to hire a larger workforce, especially during tough economic conditions. With more and more layoffs, the remaining staff members are required to take a larger share of the work and get the same compensation they would normally receive. It may not always be part of the job description, but job enlargement is a reality many employees have to face nowadays.

    There is a positive sense to it as well. Job enlargement can also mean an opportunity for the employee to advance in his career as the employer tests him or her with more responsibilities along with the fact that they may even be brought up to a higher level in the hierarchy. A properly executed job enlargement plan may also be a great way to motivate employees to see that the company trusts them in what they are doing.

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    Job Enrichment

    Satisfaction of an employee is key to having him or her working in full capacity and actually enjoying what they are doing. This method is used to relieve the employee of boredom and deny the fact that some employees may be feeling underused or not being used to their full capability as well. It is not much different from enlargement other than the fact that enrichment works in enhancing employee evaluation and getting more quality work done from the work force.

    Job enrichment is essential and goes hand in hand with job enlargement if executed in a well planned way to get the employee working hard towards achieving more.

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