Difference between Hyena and Jackal

Many people get confused with two completely different animals including hyena and jackal considering them with the same family because of a few similarities in their physical appearance and environment. However, these two animals are entirely different from each other in various aspects including their behaviour, food, physical strength and appearance, mating and a few other things. The way of hunting of both animals is also completely different from each other in many aspects. These basic differences indicate that both of these animals cannot be put in the similar category. Keep reading to learn more about hyena and jackal.


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    Hyena is a mammal that can be found in African Continent and also in some parts of Asia. Hyena’s have four major categories including Aardwolf hyena, brown hyena, spotted hyena and striped hyena. These animals hunt in groups and sometimes alone and they heavily rely on the leftover food of lions and tigers. However, they are also powerful animals and hunt themselves whenever opportunity comes. Hyenas live in big families and do not let any other hunting animal to interfere in their area. These opportunistic predators have a resemblance with wolf and have a strong backbone and jaws that make it one of the most powerful hunting animals. Hyenas’ large canines and carnassials play a vital role in their survival and these canines are very important for their feeding or hunting behaviour. Hyenas’ mating behaviour is also unique as they keep on mating for several times with short intervals.

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    Jackals are considered as the small animals that belong to Canidae family. There are three species of jackals including Black-Backed jackals, Golden jackals and Side-Striped jackals. The Black-Backed and Side-Striped jackals are found in Southern and Central Africa while Golden jackals live mostly in Asia through Mediterranean and Middle East countries down to Northern and Central Africa. Jackals are small animals and are opportunistic predators that are omnivorous. They have long legs that help them to run very fast. They also live in forests near human areas and usually eat small animals and birds. Jackals normally like to live in pairs including male and female and mark their territory with their urine. The normal life of jackals is between 10 to 12 years in the forests and between 15 to 17 years in captivity.

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