Online High Schools

Online Learning or a Home Study Program are just a few ways of saying learning at your own pace. I am actually one of those students who finished a year of high school via this program. It helped me because I could learn at my own pace and not be pressured into taking tests or doing homework, even though I did it faster than I would in a regular high school. I was never really a test taker so I thought this would benefit me, which it did very well, but this wasn’t the only reason. Most kids that get themselves involved in Home Study Courses either are required to repeat a year in high school or just don’t benefit from the curriculum there school has to offer and need a slower way of learning, which is perfectly normal because most of those kids turn out to be great fathers with good paying jobs. Pressure isn’t something everyone can take so this might be the route for you. I on the other hand transferred from one school to another so they made me stay back because they would bring over the credits from the private school I originally attended. So I decided to finish 2 years in 1 and that’s how It went.

A couple of Online High Schools that are very reputable are American Virtual High School, and James Madison High School ( I used American Virtual High School and it really helped me a lot. How do these programs work though you ask? Well they start you off in whatever courses it is you need than you go through them, either by reading online texts or sending you to a website where you can read whatever it is they have there for you to read, than you take a test or finish an assignment on whatever it is you read. It’s really easy, unless you don’t read what it is you’re required to read. You need to want to do the work and get through the courses if you want to graduate, just like an ordinary High School. Many programs require to then take an exam at the end to make sure you did all of the work and didn’t cheat. This is a good way to see who actually did the work and who fooled around.

While these programs might not be for everyone, they certainly do help. Anyone that tells you that Home Study Programs are for special people or people who don’t have any friends or are just retarded are wrong. Many people that graduated from American Virtual High School and James Madison have went off to Universities and gotten good jobs. They provide you with a diploma and everything. They are perfectly normal and you can continue on with your life while you do this work. You’re just not in a classroom with other peers, which can be distracting at times also, so working in a quiet environment can be a better experience for the person engaging in the courses online.

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