What are a Pen Drive and How Does It Work

USB pen drive is one of the most convenient storage devices.  Pen drives are one of the most reliable sources of data storage. When you need to transfer large amounts of information from one computer to another, it is best to do this with a USB-device.

The current capacity of pen drives goes up to 128 gigabytes. For those who want to buy a pen drive, they should know how to choose the right one. They have to look closely to the drive, whether it has a limit, if it fits into your computer, your laptop or tablet.


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    To write data to the pen memory device, you must connect to a computer. Conventional pen without card connected via a standard USB-port. All you need is to insert it into the USB-port. If the pen card is inserted for the first time, you need to wait until the operating system will install the required drivers and will notify you that you have inserted a new hardware into the system. For ease of use, operating systems have made this process automated.

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    When the pen drive is connected and recognized by your computer after installing all the necessary drivers, the device will be shown on "My Computer". Now it is possible to record information about the device. This is done in a standard way. You need to click the right mouse button on the file you want to record, and select the context menu "Copy".

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    Open the pen drive and select the folder where you want the file to be stored. Click on the folder, right-click and then select "Paste". The speed of the pen depends not only on its capabilities, but also on the characteristics of your motherboard.

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    If your device is installed in pen memory file system is FAT, you cannot copy a file to it holding more than four gigabytes. To remedy this, you need to assign your device file system as NTFS.

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