Journal Topics for the Month of December

As the chill of winter sets in, thaw out your pen and paper. The following are some great writing topics for the month of December.

  1. December is “National Write to a Friend Month”. Think of a famous person that you would like to be friends with. Write them a letter.
  2. December 4 is “National Cookie Day”. Describe your favorite cookie and explain why you love it.
  3. Eli Whitney was born on December 8. He invented the cotton gin which made picking cotton easier. List 4 inventions that have helped to change the world.
  4. Hanukkah begins on December 8. Research Hanukkah. Explain what it is and why it is an important Jewish holiday.
  5. Walter Disney was born on December 5. Describe 2 of your favorite Disney movies. Explain why they are your favorite Disney movies.
  6. On December 7, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. List 3 things that you know about Pearl Harbor and World War II.
  7. Write a poem about Christmas.
  8. Research Christmas. Explain how this holiday originated.
  9. Instead of red and green, what other colors do you feel symbolize Christmas? Explain your answer.
  10. December 12 is Poinsettia Day. Describe your favorite flower.
  11. On this day, the Boston Tea Party took place in Boston. Discuss what you know about the American Revolution.
  12. Think of your favorite Christmas toy. What was it? Explain why it was so special.
  13. On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first flight. Think of the different forms of transportation. List 5 forms of transportation.
  14. Describe your favorite Christmas gift. Explain why it is your favorite gift.
  15. December 21, the first crossword puzzle was published in a newspaper. Do you like crossword puzzles? Why or why not?
  16. The first official day of winter is December 21. What do you like or dislike about winter.
  17. Describe one of your favorite family Christmas traditions.
  18. Do you like Christmas? Explain why or why not.
  19. December 26 is the first day of Kwanzaa. Research this holiday. Explain how it originated and how it is celebrated.
  20. Pretend you are one of Santa’s reindeer. Describe the journey you and Santa take on Christmas Eve.
  21. List two of your favorite Christmas movies. Explain why you like them.
  22. Not only is December 25 Christmas, it is also “National Pumpkin Pie Day”. What is your favorite pie? Explain why you like it.
  23. As New Year approaches, thing of 5 things that you want to do differently. List those 5 things.

Make this December a writing adventure. Choose some or all of the writing prompts listed above.

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