How to Calculate Map Distance Genetics

Map is a scaled image of the terrain on which a conventional topographic sign is located on certain objects such as buildings, roads, trails etc. So, a high degree of accuracy on it can determine the distance between the objects located on the ground, provided that they are mapped.

In other words, the scale of the map is the ratio of the distance between two objects measured by it to the distance between the same objects measured on the ground. You can calculate the actual size and the distance between objects knowing the scale of the map.


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    Often people want to know how long it will take to move from one place to another. This can be a trip to another part of the city, and in the other country. Determine the scale of the map by calculating the proper units on the map to the distance on the ground. Thus, the scale of 1:5000 means that 1 cm card is 5000 cm or 50 m on the ground.

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    Locate the distance between the objects that you define on the map. If they are not marked on the map, apply them yourself for being located on the ground. So, if you know what object is located near the intersection of roads, find the intersection on a map and mark the point. If one of the objects is at the top of the mountain, then look for the highest point of the map terrain in the area where the mountain is located.

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    Draw a straight line and measure it with a ruler between two points. Turn centimetres, measured on the map in the distance on the ground in accordance with the scale shown on the map.

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    To determine the distance on the map you will need certain objects, the distance between which you want to travel and the point that has been plotted on a map. Then try reading larger scale maps, that is, the lower the number, behind the scale, the greater the detail of the map. So, if you need to determine the distance between the buildings in the city, you need a map scale of 1:2000 to 1:10000, on maps of smaller scale structure. If you want to know the distances between settlements, then you need from 1:10,000 scale maps and more.

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