How to Find Your Astrological Moon Sign

In astrology, your moon sign is determined by what planetary position the lunar orb was in on the time, day and year of your birth. While most people know their sun sign, not many know their moon sign. Knowledge of your moon sign is important because it influences the inner, more hidden side of your personality, as well as your habits, emotions and inner reactions to other people. Keep reading this article to know how you can find your astrological moon sign.

Things Required:

– Your birth certificate
– Piece of note paper
– Printed or online ephemeris


  • 1

    First of you all, you need to make sure you have all the information related to your birth date, such as time, date and the year when you were born. If you are not sure about the exact timing etc, then you can check it out from your birth certificate.

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    Write down your birth information so you will have it handy while locating your astrological moon sign data. You can do it by writing down all the information on a piece of paper, or just by having a copy of your birth certificate with you.

  • 3

    Find a printed or online ephemeris. An ephemeris is a special almanac that lists astronomical data for the planets during a certain time period, whether the time period covers a specific hour, day or year. This special almanac will provide the zodiacal position of the moon on the date and time of your birth.

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    If you are accessing an online ephemeris, type in your birth information. Be sure to double-check your typed entry. If you are using a printed ephemeris, use a piece of note paper to guide your eyes to the correct column listing for your date and time of birth.

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    Make a note of your moon sign as provided by the ephemeris and find Web sites that will discuss what your moon sign characteristics are. Consider what you know of your own personality and compare it with the descriptions of your moon sign that you have read.

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