Difference Between Nintendo Wii and Sony Move

The video game industry has been expanding over the last couple of decades due to the rapid advancement in technology and the growing interest of people in the immersive video game experience that has been offered by the industry giants.

Two such giants, Nintendo and Sony, have raised the bar pretty high during the last 10 years through the launch of Nintendo Wii and Sony Move for the PlayStation 3 respectively.

Nintendo Wii differs from Sony Move on a number of accounts, the first of which is associated what they actually are. While the Nintendo Wii is a gaming console, Sony Move is a motion-sensing game controller, which allows PlayStation 3 owners to play augmented reality goes.

Another really big difference between the two devices is that the Nintendo’s popular gaming console comes with a controller that does not require any additional accessory to work, whereas Sony Move can only function if the Sony Eye is connected to the system.

Sony Move differs from Nintendo Wii on account of the design as well, with the former using a light ball to transmit the signals, whereas the latter uses nothing of this sort.

For games such as boxing, Nintendo Wii allows players to control both the arms through the use of a secondary controller, Nunchuck, with the main controller, Wii Remote. Both the controllers have a motion sensor. However, this is not the case with Sony Move, which only has sensory motion on the main controller, while the secondary controller acts as a regular input device.


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    Nintendo Wii
    When Nintendo released its current-generation video game console, Wii, in 2006, the industry analysts predicted a pretty grim future of the console, since it had its work cut out due to the presence of the powerful Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 in the market. However, the Nintendo gaming consoled managed to make a solid impact by offering a unique and interactive experience, something that lead its competitors to become inspired. The console continued to do well during an extended life-cycle, before eventually making way for its successor, Wii U, which launched around the world during the final quarter of last year.

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    PS Move
    PS Move is a motion-sensing game controller that was released by Sony for its current-generation console PlayStation 3 in 2010.The device works with an additional accessory that needs to be connected to the gaming console, Sony Eye, thus making the whole equipment a little expensive. A number of games supporting PS Move have been released for PlayStation 3 over the last two to three years.

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