Difference Between Tango and Skype

People nowadays can stay connected with a host of social networking websites or applications. Applications such as Tango and Skype have made video calling possible for you and you can talk to people from all around the world for free by just dialling the person’s number.

Many people believe that Tango and Skype are one and the same thing and insist that there is virtually no difference between the two applications. However, there are a considerable amount of differences between the two softwares.

One of the major differences is that Tango is only available on two platforms which are iOS and Android. These are two of the most popular and used platforms but there are other mediums also. Skype is available on virtually all platforms that exist. You can also make calls from Skype through your personal computer or laptop which is not the case with Tango.

Another difference between the two softwares is that Tango uses your phone number as the account whereas Skype can be used only if you have a login and password. This makes it easier for people who have laptops or desktop computers.

Skype has the instant messaging service through which you can message your friends or people you know whereas Tango does not have this service.

Another major feature of Skype is that you can make calls to people who have not been added to your friends list or who are non members of Skype. This means that you can contact people on their landline or mobile number also through Skype whereas if you have Tango, you can only contact friends that you have added.


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    This is an application through which you can make video calls to your friends. For this, your friend, who you are calling, must also have the application installed on his or her phone and an internet connection must be available. You can download this app from Apple or Android app stores. Tango uses the same address book on your phone to connect with friends and family and makes it easier for you to handle contacts.

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    Skype is an application through which you can make voice and video calls. You also have the option of instant messaging if you have this application installed on your computer, laptop or mobile. You have to make a login and password to use this application which can be used on your desktop computers and your laptops as well.

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