Difference between Mental Illness and Disorder

Life was a lot calmer a hundred years or so back. In the current day and age, most people are going through various stress that differ in nature. The youth is mainly burdened with the educational demands as well as a job search. The older people are stressed out due to their existing jobs and family pressures.

There is no doubt that with the arrival of more technology, we have gained much but we have also suffered as the peace of mind has been compromised. There are many psychological issues that are not taking place, most of which were previously unheard.

The two commonly used terms in this regard are mental disorders and mental illnesses. Both are often used as synonyms but there are some clear differences if one digs into details.

Mental disorder is usually a habit that has been developed involuntarily and is directly related to our everyday dealings. On the other hand, mental illness is a term that is often used for a serious psychological issue that not only affects the life like a disorder but has the ability to seriously impair one’s ability to perform most of the basic tasks. Disorders are a kind of mental illness as well.

Both the situations need to be treated though the nature of illnesses can be more dangerous. However, there are certain disorders that can be very dangerous and can be harmful in the long run.


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    Mental Disorder

    Anxiety and depression are two of the more common disorders which mostly stem from pressure of any kind be it work or the weight of your own expectations. The disorders generally are visible but in some cases, they have to be diagnosed.

    One such disorder is the passive aggressive personality disorder where the person lets his or her hostility out by maintaining a negative frame of mind and acting in a negative manner as well. A person may be treated with medication in some cases and mostly psychotherapy is done.

    It is best that there are treated by a health professional so that the person can have a good, trouble free life.

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    Mental Illness

    Mostly this is obvious enough and needs to be treated. People suffering from serious mental illnesses can be a danger to others around them, the term is used in the broader sense and covers all the problems in the field.

    The cure process is mainly based on psychotherapy and medications that are administered to the patient. It is important that the person is given due treatment so that they can be a useful part of society.

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