Difference Between BTEC and GCSE Science

The General Certification of Secondary Education (GCSE) and the Business and Technological Education Council (BTEC) are both educational credentials that are granted in the United Kingdom. The main difference between these two awards is that the GCSE is granted for a huge number of other subjects and BTEC is granted for vocational topics. The BTEC is usually taken after GCSE. This means that the BTEC can only be completed after successful passing high school exams. It is easy to distinguish between the two and once you understand the differences it will help you decide which one is suitable for you.


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    Now considering the General Certificate for Secondary Education or GCSE, the award is granted for both educational topics and applied topics. The GCSE has to be studied full time, at an educational institution. Moreover, the GCSE is compulsory in educational institutions including the schools and colleges. Short-term GCSE courses are also available for those who have the skills to pass the GCSE exam successfully. The General Certification of Secondary Education can be taken by students that are under the age of 16. Any person, who is interested in any subject, can take this qualification.

    The General Certificate of Secondary Education first came into existence in early 1980 and since then it has become a popular choice for the students across the world. Furthermore, it has completely replaced the GCE-O level and the CSE credentials in recent years.

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    Now let us look at the BTEC, it includes more course works than written examinations, but the GCSE includes more written work and assignments than practical applications. Practical work is required only for some GCSE courses which include designing, arts and engineering. People who are above 16 years of age can take the Business and Technological Education Council exam. Some educational institutions also offer the BTEC to GCSE students in the school or college. The Business and Technology Education Council certificate started in 1984 and just like GCSE it has turned into a global success.

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