How to Write Bibliography for a Research Paper

Finding it hard to write the bibliography for the research paper? Well, this is a problem which several people encounter. Even while submitting their thesis during the final year of university, students take a lot of time to write down the bibliography in the most perfect way possible. To be honest, writing bibliography is not time consuming at all. There are people who use Microsoft Word to help them write down the bibliography, while others use the standard method which has been described below.


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    While writing you research paper, make sure that you gather all the information regarding the sources which you have used. This means that the date they were published, the name of the author, the name of the publisher, and also the pages which you have been using from the source which you want to site. This is going to later help you out in writing the bibliography for your paper.

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    Once you have finished writing your research paper, add an extra page to it and label it “Bibliography”. There are certain paper writers who even write “Works Cited.”

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    Once you have done, start alphabetically arranging all the sources which you have used while writing your research paper. A few people have this misconception that sources must be provided according to the order in which they appear, however that is false. The correct way is to arrange all the sources in alphabetical order.

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    First write down the last name of the author, use a comma and then write the first name of the author. Use a period at the end.

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    Right after the period, write down the name of the book, or the source which you have used, in italics. The book/source name must be underlined and the name must end with a period again.

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    In case you are using an article, write it down in quotation marks and replace it with the book title. Once you have written the article name, then you must mention the journal or magazine from which you have taken the article. The journal or magazine name must also be italicized and underlined. If there is a volume number, add that as well.

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    After ending the sources with a period, write down the city in which the work was published and finish it with a colon.

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    Write down the name of the publisher and then add a comma.

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    Finish the entry by adding the date of publication and then putting a period at the end.

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    Make sure that you number the bibliography page.

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