Make it Through an All Nighter with These 10 Tips

All nighters should be a last resort. You should really do your best to avoid an all nighter, if possible. Unfortunately, an all nighter is sometimes unavoidable. There are several ways to make pulling an all nighter easier. Here are ten ways to make sure you make it through an all nighter.

  1. Caffeine. Whether it’s coffee or Mountain Dew, caffeine will help you get through that dreaded all nighter. You can even find caffeine in convenient candies, such as mints and gum. Be careful not to overdo it on the caffeine even for the most extreme all nighter. You can overdose on caffeine.
  2. Drink Water. If you can’t have caffeine, drink water. It really does help you stay awake. Some claim that it works better than caffeine. Drinking a lot of water will also help you make it through that all nighter by keeping you running to the bathroom.
  3. Take a Shower. If you feel yourself getting really sleepy, take a shower. An all nighter will of course be really hard because you want to go to sleep so badly. Taking a shower helps to wake you up, no matter how many hours you’ve been awake. Use soaps that have scents that help to wake you up such as Zest and Irish Spring.
  4. Temperature. Pulling an all nighter will be really hard if the room you are studying in is the perfect temperature for sleeping. If its warm weather, let the room get hot, this will make it impossible to sleep. If it’s cold weather, avoid a heated room; being nice and cozy warm will put you to sleep and ruin your all nighter.
  5. Aromatherapy. Having the right smells in the room will help you pull an all nighter. You need to find candles and sprays that claim to have energizing smells.
  6. Take a Nap. If the all nighter is getting to be too much, take a short nap. Be sure you set your alarm. Taking just a short nap can do wonders. Sometimes just sleeping for two hours leaves you feeling completely awake after getting up.
  7. Exercise. If you are getting really sleepy while tackling that dreaded all nighter, take a few minutes to exercise. Doing a few pushups or going for a short run on the treadmill will get your heart pumping and help to wake you up.
  8. Problems. If you are working on a subject such as math, take some time away from reading and work on some problems. Working on problems involves not only using your mind, (which can sometimes be shut off easily while reading boring text like a math book) and your moving your hands. Doing this will help to wake you up.
  9. Quiz Yourself. To make it through your all nighter, write down several questions from the text, then shut your book and try to answer these questions. This will take your mind off how sleepy you are, especially if you time yourself.
  10. Take a Break. An all nighter can of course get boring. Take a break and do something that wakes you such as playing an intense video game or listening to some upbeat music.

All nighters can be horrible, but if you must make it through one, try some of the above tips. The hardest thing is staying awake; sometimes it’s best to pull an all nighter with one of your classmates so you have someone to talk to.

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