How to Read in a Foreign Language

If you are looking to move abroad, chances are you will have to learn a foreign language to be able to study, work and live. Learning how to read a foreign language can be crucial to your success. Luckily, the steps involved in learning to read a foreign language are not difficult. Follow some simple instructions to start reading in a foreign language that will improve your awareness level. It is recommended to immerse yourself in the language to perform this task in a short period of time.

Things Required:

– A Multi-language Dictionary
– A Highlighter
– A Foreign Language Textbook (optional)


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    It is recommended to practice the sound of each letter in the foreign language by creating phonic drills. It will not be a bad idea to ask a native speaker to help you learn the language rapidly. With the help of a native language speaker you can record the correct way to sounding out each letter of the alphabet. Listen to the recording as frequently as possible to be able to associate a sound with each letter in dictionary. Remember to take your time and practice this exercise repeatedly.

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    Do not forget to read simple articles written in the language you want to learn. This can be done very easily using free language software. Download recognised software from the internet and complete the installation process to start writing short articles on the topics of your choice. Read the article after writing it using language translation software. Reading the article repeatedly is an excellent way to understand the flow of the content and understand the meaning of each word used in it.

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    While you are writing and reading the article, you must prepare some notes that can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. Share your notes and findings with a native speaker and ask him or her to explain any cultural differences that you were unable to pick.

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    It is advised to work on daily vocabulary drills so you could improve your vocabulary over time. If you are using a smart phone, you can download language apps and dictionaries to learn at least 20 words a day. Practice makes perfect and therefore you must be reading and writing those 20 words on daily basis. The more repetitive you can make the entire process of learning to read a foreign language, the easier it will make it for you to pick it up quickly

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