How to Do a Rubix Cube

Solving Rubix Cube doesn’t interest the puzzle lovers only, instead every other person who happen to see it tries solving it once at least. It’s not just an ordinary puzzle, but a 3D mechanical game that involves extensive mental activity. Probably this is the reason for which every year many international Rubix Cube contests are held.

If you’ve come across Rubix Cube and couldn’t solve it at first, you might be de-motivated, however, if you know some basic tricks, i.e. algorithms on which the Rubix cube work, you can solve it in minutes.


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    Getting Started

    First of all you decide that for which color you like to do the Rubix Cube. As a beginner it will not be easy for you to have all the colors separated from a scrambled Rubix Cube so it is better to begin for one side.

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    Choose the Center Piece

    Look at the color right at the center of the side you are facing of the Rubix cube and start up solving the cube for that color which is at center. This is because no matter which way you turn the Rubix cube the center piece will not change.

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    Form a Cross at the Center

    As you are solving the Rubix Cube your first task is to form a cross. This means that if for example you have green color as the center piece that you have chosen to solve then the cross formed should contain all the green cubes.

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    The Move Notations and Directions

    In order to form a cross on a certain side of Rubix Cube, you will need to follow a few algorithms. But before that you need to know about the sides of the Rubix Cube. For example, the side facing you is the front side and accordingly you have bottom side, top side, right and left side.

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    The Algorithms used

    Next thing to learn is the moving notations which ofcourse includes the algorithms. The first one that you will use in order to form the cross would be Fi U Li Ui. This means Front inverted, Up, Left inverted and Up inverted. Remember that inverted means anticlockwise movement of 90 degree while the other is simply clockwise movement. This movement will have the green cross formed at the top.

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    All green cubes on one side

    Now in order to bring the four green cubes at the corners you follow another algorithm which is very much similar to what you used in forming the green cross. The algorithm is Ri Di R D which means Right inverted, Down inverted, Right and Down.
    The above move will be made a few more times and eventually you will have all the green cubes gathered at one side of the cube. Remember that the number of moves can vary in each case.

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