Difference Between USA and UK Government

The governments of USA and UK are two most established governments in the whole world. However, the working of these two governments is different in many aspects. UK was the most powerful country in 19th century whereas USA is currently world’s most powerful country. UK has a parliamentary system while USA has a presidential system of government. Unitary system of government works in UK while in USA it is the federal system under which 50 states work as federating units. UK’s parliament is the most ancient while USA’s parliament (Congress) is just over two centuries old. Keep reading to know more details.


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    USA Government:

    USA is the most powerful country at the present time and the federal government system works in this country. There are fifty states of USA and all of these states work as federating units. In USA, government works under the presidential system in which the president is the head of the state and has many powers according to the constitution of USA. The USA parliament is called congress which has the legislative powers to pass all sorts of bills and also makes amendments in the constitution. USA is a big state having its territorial area around 9.83 million square kilometres. The USA government works according to the constitution and general elections are held every four years. The US economy is currently at the top by touching over US$ 14 trillion of GDP. Under USA governmental system, a person can serve as a president for a maximum of two times. He cannot participate in presidential elections for the third time.

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    UK Government:

    United Kingdom’s governmental system is very old and has a rich history. The parliament of UK is called the mother of all parliaments in the world because many countries of the world derive their constitutions by imitating many aspects of UK parliament. Constitutional monarchy-parliament governance works in UK in which the head of the government is Prime Minister while the head of the state is the queen. In UK, unitary system of government works in which there are no federating units and all powers vested in the central authority. The UK economy is the sixth biggest economy in the world with over US$ 2 trillion of GDP. Four dominions come under the UK constitution including Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. UK occupies a small territorial area which is comprised on 244,820 square kilometres of land.

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