Difference Between Teenagers and Adults

These are the two stages in a human’s life. They both are different in terms of a person’s maturity, characteristics, habits and thinking process. As one passes different stages, one learns a lot and experiences life from different angles.

One of the major differences between a teenager and an adult is their way of thinking. When a person is in his/her teenage years, the thought process usually revolves around fantasies and the lighter things in life. Teenagers are more concerned on what’s happening to them on a day to day basis. As a person grows old and becomes an adult, maturity strikes. You have had a lot of experiences and you learn from the mistakes. The thinking becomes long term and consequences are weighed before making a decision. Adults are concerned about how their decisions will effect their future and those around them as they make calculated and rational choices.

There is a difference of dealing and seriousness in a relationship. A teenager is more prone to fall prey to infatuation. They listen to their hearts and are very quick to believe that they are in love. Adults on the other hand do not give in to infatuation that easily. They can differentiate between just a liking and true love. A teenager’s mind is easier to influence. They are in that stage when they are learning new things and forming opinions. It is easy to make them believe what is right and wrong. Whereas, an adult has seen more life and the world, it is not easy to make a fool out of him/her.

Teenagers usually live with their parents and are controlled by them to some extent. They are answerable to their parents as they are not grown up yet and cannot take life decisions independently. In contrast to this, adults are responsible to make their own life decisions and bear the consequences. They are usually not controlled by others in the family. Another thing that teenagers are crazy about is fashion trends. Whether it is clothes, jewellery, footwear; they want to have it all and follow the celebrity style. They get carried away very easily and often make fashion choices on the basis of celebrities rather than what would suit them. Adults are more skeptical when buying things and do not get carried away that easily.


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    This is the age between thirteen and eighteen years. Before this you are considered a kid.

    - Image courtesy: c3.ort.org.il

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    A person who has passed eighteen years of age is known to be an adult.

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