Difference Between SNMP and SMTP

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) are different types of protocol suites. Along with SNMP and SMTP, TCP and IP is also protocol stacks and frequently used in the modern world. SNMP manages various devices that are basically attached to TCP/ IP network while SMTP method is used to send and receive email from a particular client over the internet. Basically both of these networks work together as well to achieve different tasks. SNMP covers the TCP/ IP network while the other covers mail servers and different types of applications to send and receive emails. Usage of all types of protocols have increased over the years as initially these set of instructions and rules were introduced by Internet Engineering Force (IETF). SNMP and SMTP are two standards of getting input from interested parties.


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    Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) manages various devices that basically attach to the TCP/ IP network. The SNMP manager, SNMP agent and the managed device are three tiers in this type of protocol. The controller of this protocol is the SNMP manager while the SNMP agent plays a vital role of acting as an interface between the particular device and the network. The managed device works as a controller of the SNMP manager and SNMP agent. When inherit commands go to the protocol it reaches with a set of other communication processes as it completes the three tiers of a particular protocol. There are different commands which play a vital role in the communication process and these commands include a set of different information from PC's, Servers and various switches.

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    SMTP method is used to send and receive emails from a particular client over the internet. It covers the wide range of mail servers along with different applications to send and receive emails. This process works very smoothly, intelligently and quickly. Whenever someone sends or receives an email, it has already been investigated through a unique process which carefully verifies the information it contains. SMTP basically is the server that sends your email to a particular destination while SMTP client receives it. The process of inbound and outbound emails works through a unique process which is considered to be very trustworthy and efficient.

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