What is Coriander and What Does It Look Like

Coriander, which is also called Cilantro or Dhania in Hindi and Urdu languages, is an annual herb. Coriander belongs to Apiaceae family and is planted in many parts of the world. An aromatic plant, Coriander is cultivated in temperate zones around the world and used in many foods and salads.

The colour of Coriander is mostly green, when it is fresh. Its leaves are soft and are often confused with cilantro, another herb belonging to the Coriander.  Coriander has been around since ancient times. It is consumed globally and is very easy to grow. The seed used to plant Coriander are sold at affordable prices and farmers can cultivate the herb to make easy income.


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    Asia is the region where Coriander is most used and people in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh plant it on commercial basis in smaller cities and villages. There are huge farms in some of the Asian countries that are used to plant Coriander on a mass level. Asia is also the biggest region in terms of export of Coriander.

    Coriander is also used in Latin America and in Mediterranean cuisine. The leaves are generally used fresh as a side dish or condiment.

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    History of Coriander is not certain, but by some accounts, it was first planted in Mediterranean civilization. However, one thing is for certain that the herb has been used as aromatic and medicinal plant for centuries. And in some Egyptian tombs, Coriander was used as an offering ritual.

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    Coriander is stomachic and carminative, and its fruits have long been used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as bloating, slow digestion, flatulence, and spasms. This is why in many countries, especially European, the herb is officially classified as a medicinal plant.

    It is frequently used in combination with other plants to facilitate digestion. The problems that are cured with Coriander are angelica, dill, fennel, anise, caraway, anise, etc. Italians also use Coriander as a treatment medicine and they have been planting it for centuries.

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    Apart from its use in food and human health, coriander is also used for the extraction of an essential oil is used in the pharmaceutical industry (to mask the bitterness of certain drugs), and as agent scent in cleaning products, detergents, cosmetics and perfumery.

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