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FIeMITS is the film institute of the society called ‘electronic management and information technology solution’, which is registered under society registration act 1860. eMITS undertakes two kinds of activities. The primary activity of eMITS is education which it does through the educational institution named FIeMITS. A secondary activity of eMITS is business, which it does under the name eMITS and its main organ Chidanand Productions, a production house to sell the TV and cinematics products of the students of FIeMITS. FIeMITS has entered into an agreement with the international institute for special education society ( IISE society and not AICTE approved IISE educational institution) to use IISE society’s mass com lab and infrastructure(excluding that which isused for AICTE courses of IISE) in exchange for its expertise in teaching mass com of IISE students and ites for IISE corporate bode. The eMITS society has a general body for policy making budget provisioning and governing council for general administration. The eMITS society is headed by its president and FIeMITS is administered for the present y chairman & managing director (CMD) of IISE who is also concurrently the CMD of IISE.

Film institute has its own Chidanand formor DGP, Girish Bihari’s Productions and has produced Jay Shankar Prasad’s Kamayani, Padmshri KP Saxena’s “Shaal Ka Bawaal” and “hatyara kaun” and the production work continues. The institute has its own news service, the convergence asia news service cans, its own magazine,” company review”, where student publish their journalistic work and its own TV show “Samayaki” of one hour each on Saturday and Sunday

Mass Com, journalism, TV production, radio broadcasting, advertisement and public relations and other components of electronic media are made, not of academic scholarship manifested in pedantic oratory but, of, demonstrative/visual spectacle. Regular TV production work, cinematic and print media activities are sine qua non of appropriate teaching method of media subjects and if it is not done along side teaching, it is useless as a surgeon taught surgery in the class room without associating him with actual surgical operations on a patient in the hospital. No media institute of Indian metros, Pune & Banglore etc does it except FIeMITS (see Jansatta coverage of this in the following pages) even though a few media shops call themselves a university. As a matter of fact, FIeMITS has the aura of university because it is an associate institute of Makahnlal Chaturvedi Patrakarita Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, the only university, indeed a national university, which is dedicated to media. All media courses, except the private add on diploma of acting for TV diploma in multimedia, carry the university degree and not the private degree or diploma of FIeMITS. The education market is so full of media educational shops, awarding private diplomas and degrees that parents cannot determine that FIeMITS is India’s best media institute unless they see with their own eyes(and not go by flashy, massive advertisements and pr articles of print media) other media institutes in metros etc and do an objective comparison with FIeMITS. The low fees of FIeMITS do not mean less quality: infact, in the market of education the more the fee, the more are the shenanigans of education.

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