How to Squeeze Water from Carrot

Most living organisms, including plants and animals, are made up of water as a major constituent. As far as humans are concerned, they are made of 70% water. But if all of it is released, the weight a human has will decrease considerably. The same theory can be applied to a fruit or vegetable – since they’re made of water too. Those primary school students who are looking for ideas on Science projects can try this experiment as it can be performed in quick time and with minimum expense. The final results may take some time to be recorded.

Things Required:

– Kitchen scale
– Lamp
– Cutting board
– Carrot
– Knife
– Wax paper


  • 1

    Gather the required materials

    Gather all the things at one place so you don't have to move every now and then to fetch them.

  • 2

    Washing & drying carrots

    With all items gathered in one place, wash the carrots with cold water and cut their stems. Put them where they can dry quickly and completely.

  • 3

    Weigh the carrots

    After the carrots have dried, put them on a kitchen scale to measure the weight and note down the reading.

  • 4

    The wax paper

    Now take a piece of wax paper, weigh it and note down the reading as it will be used later in the experiment.

  • 5

    Cutting the carrots

    Cut the carrots in no more than 8 slices and arrange them on the wax paper. After that, put the wax paper below a lamp for at least 2 days.

  • 6

    Re-weigh the carrots

    After two days, weigh the carrots again. Make sure you subtract the wax paper's weight from the total.

  • 7

    Repeated Weighing

    As you keep weighing them from time to time, you will notice that the weight of carrots will decrease as they lose water.

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