Difference Between Weed and Hash Effects

Cannabis started in main Asia but now is harvested from Himalaya to Mexico, Barbados, Southern European countries and the Netherlands. The breed was harvested 3,000 years ago in Central Asia including India and China as a medicine applied against rheumatism and malaria and was used even by Neolithic Dacian shamen to enter a state of hypnosis. The name hashish is derived from “assassins”, members of an Arabic ancient Islamic sect, famous for their assassinations and who were heavy weed users. Actually, in the Islamic world, its consumption was very common and the tales of “The thousand and one nights” are filled with weed consuming characters.


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    Weed Effects

    Marijuana or weed is the combination of flowers and leaves of Weed sativa. The use of weed started in European countries during the XVIII century from the Middle East. Weed plant contains about 60 chemical products with psychoactive results (able to damage neuronal operations).

    The main substance is THC which causes the greatest part of the consequences. Some women accuse irregular menstruation and men can experience low androgenic hormone or testosterone and sperm cell stages. For the respiratory system, weed cigarette smoking is just like cigarette smoking. Other effects of cannabis consumption are forgetfulness, stress, control reduction, dry mouth and power mouth hygiene.

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    Hash effects

    Hashish, on the other hand, is created of the resinous secretions which store in the female plant. The material contains much higher stages of THC, thus the hash is more powerful than marijuana, containing 30% more THC than weed.

    The THC can dissolve in fat, so it tends to gather around the fatty tissues particularly in the brain, It avoids for about 7 days, that's why after one week of consuming hashish, your body has removed just 50% of the substance. Hashish is usually consumed orally but they can also be applied as ingredients for making desserts, biscuits and other foods.

    Cannabis’ effects last for about 30 minutes after cigarette smoking or after one and half hour if it was digested with food, but this can extend up to 5-6 hours. An average amount is about 3 - 4 g. It is recommended to avoid consuming cannabis in large amounts.

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