What Is Green Energy Technology

Energy costs make up a huge chunk of our expenses. The technology that we use comes at a big cost; for us and for mother earth. The use of non-renewable sources of energy has led to high environmental pollution and depletion of ozone layer. Therefore, there is a growing awareness and demand of  green technology which is a way of driving down your own energy costs with reduced carbon footprint of your activities. Green technology are energy options that are renewable and so do not use the precious non-renewable energy sources like oil, gas etc. Energy options like wind, solar and wave are green options and products which use them are called green energy technology. Our step by step guide describes green energy technology in detail below.


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    Green energy is acquired from sources that are natural and do not wear out. Using them does not cause any kind of pollution to the earth and harm it. Energy sources like the wind, sun and water are renewable ones since they keep regenerating and are not in a limited amount.

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    Wind energy can be captured by using technology options like wind turbines. These turbines are rotated through wind power and the wind energy is harnessed in a generator to convert it to electrical energy.  The installment costs of the wind turbine and generator are high and so the penetration rate of this technology is low. This form of electricity is totally pollution free.

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    Another source of technology that is used with increasing penetration rates is the solar energy. Solar panels are installed which contain photovoltaic cells. These cells capture the electrons from sun rays and convert them into electricity. Solar energy is gaining much popularity and many people are using it to power their cars, homes and businesses. The initial investment is large but it is worth it because there are no energy bills to pay. Solar technology is best suited to areas which get a large number of sunny days.

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    Another green technology option is geothermal. Geothermal energy captures the earth’s internal energy. The steam under earth’s surface is used rotate turbines through generators.  These generators in turn heat up buildings and drive down energy costs that would have otherwise been occurred. The usage of this technology is still low because of the lack of such natural sites where the internal energy could be tapped for use.

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