How to Study in China

China is fast becoming a popular destination for students, as the country has recently established several good universities and colleges, luring students in from all across the world. Since China has become the fastest growing economy in the world and its corporate sector is producing more jobs than ever before, it is much easier now to enroll in Chinese universities and colleges than it ever was before. In addition to general enrollments that require fees and charges, there are plenty of opportunities for students seeking education through scholarships too.


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    Choose a subject

    Choose the subject that you will be studying in China. Choosing the right subject at the right time will give you plenty of time to search for multiple universities. If you are going to apply for a scholarship, choosing the subject becomes even more important, as not every university and college grants scholarships. Another thing that may worry you regarding studies in China is that not every province or region has universities/colleges that offer programs in all subjects.

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    Select the region

    Since China is a big country and traveling is a big issue for people, you have to choose the region that is closer to all the major cities or city. You may not be able to find a university in the middle of a major city, and several education centers are in the outskirts, but having access to facilities like the airport, railway network and shopping areas will make your student life far easier.

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    Choose the language in which you will be studying

    Although the main language of China is Chinese, and almost every university offers education in the national language, there are several institutes that are now offering courses in languages like English, German and French. Taking up a course in Chinese will require you to have expertise in the Chinese language, and for that, you will have to prove to the university that you can understand and speak the language. In most cases, you will have to take up a short language course before starting your formal classes at the university. However, most foreign students prefer to take up courses in the English language and the Chinese government isĀ encouragingĀ more and more universities and colleges to arrange for foreign teachers.

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    Choose a university

    Choose a university that offers courses or degree programs in your chosen subjects.

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    Send an application and wait for the approval

    Download an application form from a university website. Fill out the form, send it, and wait for the approval. The university will review your application and get back to you in a few days time, informing you about whether you are eligible or ineligible.

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    Send the admission fee

    Once you are approved, the university will ask you to send the admission (or even semester) fee along with relevant forms.

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