Creating Your Homeschool Calendar

Creating your homeschool calendar is one of the most important records of homeschooling. When I first decided to homeschool I didn’t even think about a calendar. But as I got further into it I realized that something was missing. Then I realized I needed a School Calendar.

On my school calendar I listed the days that I will homeschool, the days I won’t, holidays, test days, and some simpler things. I did not give my kids every holiday out like public schools. Some holidays I give them more time out than public schools.

Our Homeschool days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The reason we do Wednesday is so that my husband can teach them. He works Monday – Friday so he couldn’t teach them during that time. He will teach them a couple of things each night but on Sunday he teaches the complete lesson. It doesn’t matter what days you teach on as long as you teach 180 days a year.

You could stretch homeschool out for a year and only do three days a week. I’m not sure if that adds up, I’m just giving you an example. But nobody says when you can or can’t teach.

I don’t do the same subjects everyday either. By that I mean, on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday I do Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. On Tuesday and Thursday I do Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Art. Social Studies and Math are taught every day.

On my calendar I list the days that I will give them test. Social Studies and Math test are giving weekly on Sundays. Then Language Arts, Science, and Reading are giving every eight days. Spelling test are given weekly too.

My oldest child has to do Book Reports so I have those on my calendar too. He does one book report every two months. Then I have science and social studies projects planned on the calendar. I also have a couple of Field Trips that I know we are going to take on the calendar. I don’t plan out all of my field trips because you never know when something may come up and you can’t go.

So calendars help out a lot when you homeschool. You will need a pretty big calendar to write all that stuff on but when you’re doing lesson plans and grade sheets it is really easy to look back at that calendar and see your dates.

I hope this gives you a little insight on how you can create your homeschool calendar.

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