How California College Students Can Get Free Financial AID

If you’re a student attending a local University or Community College in California you can qualify to receive financial Aid. There are many different types of programs that you can qualify for. Some types of financial aid that you can receive if you qualify for them include grants, scholarships, and loans. One grant that many students qualify and receive is the CALGRANT. These types of grants do not have to be paid back, and are state funded monetary grants. A student can also apply for a student loan which they usually have 10 years to pay it back after they graduate. Scholarship money is also available to students through different programs and schools. Scholarships are money that the students don’t have to pay back and are awarded on high achievements and academics.

To see if you qualify for financial aid all you have to do is fill out and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can do this online and it is free of charge. The FAFSA application helps the government determine if you or a student you know can qualify to receive student aid. The information that the Application ask for helps determine a specific amount of money the student needs depending on the student’s income, and their parents income. After filling out the application the student then will receive an e-mail stating the amount or options the student has for aid.

Some students that fill out the FAFSA application receive financial aid that pays for all their college costs. This aid can pay for tuition fees, books, living expenses, food expenses, and other college items. Other students receive student loan offers that help pay for college expenses, but have to be paid back after the student graduates usually within 10 years. If you are a student either attending a California four year University or a California Community College you may qualify to receive these types of student aid. A lot of students don’t know that they may not have to pay for college if they want to go.

One of the main reasons that many prospective students don’t attend college is because they think they can’t afford to, but if you live in California and want to get a college education you can do so. All you have to do is apply to the college, and fill out a FAFSA. Anyone can fill out a FAFSA and see if you qualify to receive financial aid. There is nothing to lose if you apply for financial aid because it’s free of charge, and if you qualify you can receive free money! Student Aid in California is better than the lottery because the odds of receiving free money are lot better and you can get a great education at no cost to you at the same time. So go online today and fill out a FAFSA application. This will be the best thing you decided to do for your self, and by doing so you have a chance in getting the career you always wanted.

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