Difference Between PDF and XPS Format

Working with documents online needs a person to be well aware of the different issues that may arise. The Portable Document Format, known well around the world as PDF, and the XPS format of documents are some of the most common known terms when it comes to document viewing and such.

While they may seem similar in the sense that they can be used to view documents along with editing and securing them if the need arises, there is still a very large difference that is at hand and can only be denoted by those who learn those specific differences.

A PDF format can be most commonly be opened using the software made for it by Adobe, ‘Reader’. When using a PDF, you are able to open two dimensional documents and even imbed three dimensional images. On the other hand, XPS is rather more of a document management software that also gives the ability to view, annotate, convert, signs and print such documents but is definitely not the same as a PDF document and vice versa.


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    PDF is without a doubt the most commonly used format when it comes to viewing all sorts of documents and now with technology advancing to the level that we are reading books and magazines on our computers as well, the PDF format has proven to be one that is very stable and capable of running all sorts of things.

    When looking to run PDF files, the Adobe Reader is certainly the best one available, also because it is a royalty free software and can be easily downloaded free of cost by anyone, around the world in seconds.  When it comes to Adobe PDF, three main technologies are being used to run the format. They are the following:

    -        A font embedding system

    -        PostScript

    -        Structured Storage System

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    Giving you the ability to add annotation to any open XML paper is what makes XPS really unique and separate in its own terms. Allowing you to write in different formats is what makes it different from the others, while also letting users view and manage PDF files as well. XPS can be considered to be a format that is much more advanced in a sense than a PDF, but that comes for users who are willing to use it, otherwise, it does not have much to offer for the common user.  Be sure which format you are ready to use before doing so.

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