How to Make a Hurricane on Little Alchemy

Little alchemy is an online game which you can play on its website. The concept behind the game is to mix the different elements available and come up with new elements. On the right hand side you have the elements, while on the left hand side you are provided a working space. You are supposed to drag an element from the right to the working space and add another to it in the same way. However, you cannot mix more than two elements at one time. Currently, the limit of these mixed elements is 380.


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    In order to make a hurricane in little alchemy, you have to go through a list of things. The two major elements needed to make hurricane are wind and energy. However, to make these two elements you have to mix other elements.

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    To make wind, the two elements that you need to mix include pressure and air. While air is a basic element and it is present in the game when you start off, you need to make pressure yourself. Pressure can be made in two different ways. Either you can use earth twice and you will make pressure, or you can use air twice in order to make pressure. Once you mix pressure with air, you will get wind, which is the first element for you to make hurricane.

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    Now the second element needed for hurricane is energy. The first way to make energy is by mixing together two basic elements: air and fire. They are present in the game when you start off. However, there is another way to make energy as well.

    You have to mix together plant and sun in order to make energy through this alternate way. To make a plant, you need to mix rain and earth. While earth is present already, you can make rain by mixing water and air. Another way to make rain is by mixing water and cloud. In order to make cloud, you must mix air and steam and in order to make the latter, you can either mix water and fire, or water and energy.

    Now you need to learn how to make a sun. For that you would need fire and sky. While fire is a basic element, sky needs air and clouds. Once you have made the sun and the plant, mix them together and you can get energy.

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    In the end, simply mix energy with wind in order to make yourself a hurricane.

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