Difference Between Anglican and Catholic

Christianity, which is the largest religions of the world today, has many sects, but Anglican and Catholic are mentioned more frequently than any other group.

Anglican ideology believes in the superiority of the Church of England and the branches related to it. By some credible accounts, Henry VIII was believed to be behind the creation of Anglican Church. Anglican Church came into existence during the Reformation. On the other hand, Catholic Church has been around since the death of Christ. Christ’s apostles decided to spread the word of Christianity proactively after his demise and began to adopt distinct values and ideology.


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    Anglican Church is a denomination of Christianity which originated in the XVIth century when the English king Henry VIII broke with the Pope and Rome. Anglican Christianity is now alive mainly in countries that have been influenced by the English culture. These countries include the former British colonies in Africa and American region.

    Strictly speaking, individuals (churches and people) cannot designate the overall leader of the "Anglican Church" since the different churches recognize the practice of autocephalous—which means that each church under the Anglian Church has some kind of autonomy. Representatives of churches gather in the Anglican Communion, in which the Church of England and its primate, the Archbishop of Canterbury, enjoy only a primacy of honour, not real power or authority over other churches.

    These churches are in full coordination with each other and together represent approximately 77 million followers across the world.

    As opposed to other Christian sects, Anglican priests do not believe in abstinence and can marry. This is in contrast with the most of the mainstream sects which still believe in celibacy.

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    The Catholicism projects itself as a Christian denomination, seeking unity of faith in Christ through the Catholic Church and beyond in all mankind. The term "Catholic" was first used in the French language at the end of the XVIth century. The sect sought to distinguish itself from the Protestant denominations that were flourishing at the time. Catholic intended to designate the faith of Christians in communion with the Pope and his bishops.

    Catholic’s faith and belief clash with that of Anglican. Catholic priest have to adopt celibacy, meaning they cannot have sexual relations with opposite sex. Modern Christian world does not appear to be influenced by the idea of celibacy.

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