Homeschool Resource: Homeschool for Free

Homeschooling can cost whatever you need it to cost. If your budget is low, you can find a low cost curriculum. If the sky is the limit, you can pay for programs, tutors, private teachers and more. However, if you, as a family are giving up half of your income to homeschool, and really have no funds to spare, you can also homeschool free. (If you have a computer and internet connection)

Many websites online make great homeschool resources. One website in particular, internet4classrooms, has everything you could possibly need to homeschool your children.

The internet4classrooms website is a resource for public school teachers. It consists of a series of links and is organized by grade level and subjects. It meets national standards and is used by teachers all over the United States as well as internationally. One teacher in is quoted calling is “a Wal-Mart for teachers.

The website is organized in an intuitive way that allows the user to easily find the resource they need. For homeschoolers, all you really need is to click the first link at the top in the center of the page that says grade level help k-8. This will take to you to the full curriculum pages arranged by grade level.

For a full curriculum, all you need to do is print the pages for your grade level and check off each item as your child does it. These links consist mostly of games that will allow your child to play their way literacy in Math, Language Arts, Social Sciences, and Science.

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