Lights, Camera, Acting Classes in Madison, Wisconsin

Acting can be an exciting career, and can open many doors and an exciting future. Actors and actresses are not always born, they usually have ample training and guidance along their career paths. Stand out amongst the crowd and use the resources in your area to obtain the best training, networking opportunities, and your casting call may just be around the corner! Madison, Wisconsin is home to a variety of performing arts theaters, venues, and entertainment locations. Amongst this capital city is also a variety of teachers, educators, and mentors available to help you along your career to stardom. Use this listing of resources and schools to kick-start, or revitalize, the actor, dancer, or performer in you!

Arts Institute at UW-Madison
5542 Humanities Building, 455 N Park Street Madison, WI
(608) 263-4086

The UW Arts Insitute was established in 1998, and is operated by an arts faculty and staff to promote artist residencies, various public programming, fellowships, and outreach programs for the public and the university. Keep an eye out for free seminars, artist visits, and other public events that can increase your networking skills.

CTM Madison Family Theater Company and School (for children)
228 State Street, Madison, WI
(608) 255-2080

This resident theater company promotes creative drama for children in grades 1-5. There is a yearly production open to the public, and various musicals are performed during the holiday season. The company also offers various high school and adult classes throughout the year. CTM Madison is a great way to start youngsters in the theater industry!

Madison Theatre Guild/Theater
2410 Monroe Street, Madison, WI
(608) 238-9322

This locally owned theater company hosts two productions and performances per year, and auditions are open to the public. This is a great way to begin an acting career, and network with others in the business.

Portal Wisconsin
c/oWisconsin Public Television
821 University Avenue, Madison, Wi
(608) 263-2166 is a nonprofit organization focused on providing resources for a variety of acting and performance fields. These include statewide sponsored acting events, contemporary local art, stories, courses, and discussion forums.

Acting Classes with Dennison Smith
Baraboo Yoga, 202 East Suite 200, Baraboo, WI
(608) 355-1096

Dennison Smith is Artistic Living Director of Living Arts Theatre, and hosts various acting classes for children and teens at the Baraboo Yoga and Living Arts center. Programs include workshops and courses in Fundamentals of Acting, Scene Study and Monologue, and both Beginner and Advanced Acting classes for children and teens.

UW-Madison Department of Theatre and Drama
6173 Vilas Hall, Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-2329

The UW-Madison Department of Theatre and Drama hosts a world-renown program developed by veteran actors, artists in residence, and professors from around the world. Earning a degree will help you gain various work experience for a full-fledged career, and open up the opportunity to network with others in the industry.

Atlas Impro Company
PO Box 3013, Madison, WI
(608) 259-999

The Atlas Improv Company frequently performs comedy locally, ubut also offers classes throughout the week. Classes meet downtown at the Mifflin Street Arts Center. Shows are popular and performed at the Electric Earth Caf�©, 546 W. Washington Ave, every Saturday night. This is a great opportunity to introduce or learn more about this local company, and you can register for classes by calling.

Stoughton Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
515 East Main Street, Stoughton, WI
(608) 873-0717

This center offers a variety of courses for ages 5 and up. 5-7 year olds can take part in the Wild Imaginations program, 8-14 year olds can take part in the It’s Showtime program, and 15-Adult can take part in the Out of the Wings program. Private Audition classes are also available, and the registration seasonal information can be found on the company website.

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