Home Schooling: Mathematics at Home

1.1: Introduction to math on your own: Study Hard!

Mathematics can be a tough subject for anyone. It’s complicated structure is based on critical thinking and a breakdown of concepts that require formulation. Even some of the world’s top professors or top scientists can experience difficulties executing math properly. There are key things to keep in mind during study while tangling with such a subject.

*Believe in yourself: you CAN do it!
*This is not a race, take your time and absorb each step to reach the correct answer.
*Practice: Repitition makes learning permanent.
*Obtain books, friends, professors, or any other available source to aid you.

1.2: Mathematical Ability

Regardless of sex, origin, race or ethnicity, not every person is at the same level when it comes to Mathematics. Some have a more expanded horizon in mathematics, and some do not. This does not mean you are incapable of learning the knowledge to expand. Find out your level of comfort and the level at which you obtain difficulity. Once the difficulty is discovered, you know know which area you need to strengthen.

1.3: Math practice.

(Please take time to jot down these problems, and complete what you can)

1) 2+2 2) 4+3 3) 5-2 4)34-19 5) 5-12 6) 23-42+2

7) 2j+6 = 4j+8 8) 23t+2-5t 9)18/2 10) 44+X =7

11) -4x(3x-12x+7x) 12) -2x+3=6

These may all seem like simple math problems to do without paper. Some actually are, whereas the others may require a bit more critical thinking. It is a definite mankind error that many of us are interested in only knowing the answer. But knowing the answer and knowing how to obtain the answer are two different things. Students must learn to show work and illustrate how they received the answer they did. Being able to do so illustrates that the methods are fully understood.

1.4: Math study tips.

*A neat and quiet environment can be a helpful factor in such a journey.
*Find a tutor if needed! A tutor can help in the most difficult situations you may experience.
*Re-read as much of the material as needed, to understand it.
*Practice on a daily basis until the information becomes second nature
*Mathematics is a skill that must be learned, you were born to complete such tasks.
*The night before the exam, make sure to get plenty of rest.
*Believe in yourself! (This can greatly affect how well you perform.)

1.5: For more useful information on mathematics.

Try doing the following online searches such as,

*Advanced Algebra
*Intermediate Algebra
*College-level Algebra
*Finite Mathematics
*Statistics and Probablity
*Calculus I
*Calculus II
*Calculus III
*Mathematics in Finance

Or try the following web pages for help with Math:


You can do it!

“Rhyme” Jerrell Ellerbe.

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