What Is a PBX Phone System Used For

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a phone system that is basically used in medium to large sized business as it allows for external telephone lines to be shared. Most companies prefer to use PBX phone systems as it makes communication both externally and internally simple and efficient. There are different types of PBX phone systems which have varying features depending on company needs. The benefit of using a PBX phone system is that it can boost as your company expands and now Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has been added to increase productivity.


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    Different types:

    Currently there are four types of PBX phone systems that are available. These are Hosted/Virtual IP PBX, IP PBX, Hosted/Virtual PBX and just a standard PBX. The difference is based on the technology and type of hardware/software that is being used. Also, the way the entire PBX phone system is connected to the Internet Protocol can help you distinguish between the different types of PBX phone systems.

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    Hosted/Virtual IP PBX:

    A Hosted/Virtual IP PBX system is basically provided by the telecommunication company and routes your telephone system through the Internet Protocol. This allows for simple installation and maintenance as all the major equipment is with the telecom company.

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    IP PBX:

    An IP PBX phone system is generally used for VOIP as it also allows small companies the facility of having a PBX system through the use of the Internet Protocol. The setup is simple and this phone system is the most affordable when it comes to growth or expansion as new telephone sets can be added with relative ease.

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    Hosted/Virtual PBX:

    The Hosted/Virtual PBX phone system is similar to the Hosted/Virtual IP PBX except that it does not use the Internet Protocol. The best part of this type of PBX phone system is that the telecom company maintains and operates the entire setup. This makes it easy to use and expand as your business grows.

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    Standard PBX:

    The standard PBX phone system is the most widely used system as they have been around for a long time and many companies prefer the simple format. Basically the standard PBX connects the company to the outside line and each telephone set is considered to be an extension so a caller can connect directly with someone in particular by calling that extension number. The PBX phone system also makes it easier for internal communications as individuals only need to dial a three or four digit code to call within the company.

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