Difference between Arabs and Jews

People who hail from Arabia are called “Arabs”, while Jews are the people from the Kingdom of Judah, which is among the kingdoms mentioned clearly by name in the Old Testament of the Bible and in the Jewish Talmud.

The biggest difference between these two groups is their religion. While most Arabs are Muslims (the followers of the Islamic faith), the Jews practice Judaism, a religion which preceded both Islam and Christianity.  Jews worship a single entity which they call Yahweh, while Muslims worship Allah.

There is also a clear distinction in between the places of worship for the two groups; the Jewish place of worship is called a synagogue, while the Muslims’ place of worship is referred to as a mosque.

While the Arabs are predominantly natives of the Arabian Peninsula, the Jews, before the establishment of the state of Israel, did not have a permanent homeland and are still known as the ‘wandering people’. Language is yet another major difference between the two; the Arabs use Arabic to communicate, while the language of the Jews is called Hebrew.


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    Arabs are an ethnic group which is largely concentrated in West Asia and North Africa. Although today most Arabs are Muslims and are known by their faith, they were also present in these regions well before the rise of Islam, which is why there are Arab Christians as well as Arab Jews (these are in small minorities, however, as the majority are Muslims). In the modern world, Arabs can be found almost everywhere due to migration. The main areas inhabited by the Arabs include: Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Algeria, Mauritania, Bahrain, Qatar, and UAE. Most Arab countries are blessed with oil, which is the lifeline of their economy. Most countries usually chalk out their foreign policies with Arab nations depending on their oil requirements.

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    Jews, after getting expelled from Israel, were the people without a homeland. However, after the reestablishment of Israel in 1948, Jews are predominantly found in this area. In addition to Israel, large Jewish communities also exist in the US and Europe. The creation of Israel on Arab lands, right between Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, has created tension between the Jews and Arabs, as the Arabs do not recognise the legitimacy of this state.

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