College Scams: A Tip to the Unsuspecting Student

There’s a new scam out there that just so happens to target young people who are college bound, hoping for great education and a worthwhile career. These cowardly con artists are using unsuspecting college students to basically launder money in a new fashion. Most students need roommates to afford rent as they will be only working part time in most cases and using the majority of their money on books and food.

Most of the scams start as a mere phone call accepting the rental agreement that has been posted. So far many backgrounds of the people involved in this scam have ranged from a student coming in from a foreign country, a student that will be unable to attend the first week of college, and then there are those who say they will be flying in from across the country. In any case, the scams are what they are. The perpetrator says that they have the rent in the form of a money order which will be higher than the amount that was requested. The instructions along with this money order usually state, “cash this money order, use what you need to and send me back the rest.”

Now, when you do this, you will find that the money order is fake, and you are the one trying to cash it. A felony charge will now be pressed against you and the hopes and dreams of your college education will go down the drain along with the possibility of landing a great career. It’s hard to prove a phone call prompted you to do this, but if you can, I suggest you try so that you do not spend your life in prison. The scam is going pretty well for the perpetrators, because the unsuspecting student cashes the “money order” and sends the “extra” cash back to the new roommate. But instead of having the person show up, the unsuspecting student is greeted by the FBI instead. The perpetrator has just made money and your future is down the toilet.

It is also worth mentioning that this scam should not be limited to college students. As it grows in popularity, it can spread like a disease and can happen in all facets of life. From selling cars, motor homes, boats, etc. to other roommate situations these conniving scam artists stalk their prey and will find any excuse to use this new scam while you are left facing the charges.

This is a vicious world with many evil people looking to make money by destroying lives. Take my advice and please beware. You are better safe than sorry.

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