How To Speak with a British Accent

English is a highly diverse language with a lot of variation in its accent. The Americans speak in a more laid back sort of a way, where as the Australians have accents that at a first listen, seems rude. The British accent is however highly regarded due to its sophistication and the originality of the British English.

There are different dialects within British English as well. The accent might seem obnoxious to people who are not accustomed to the British accent. The origins of the English language have been traced down to Britain, with numerous contributors belonging to one of the isles of the United Kingdom. William Shakespeare, who was a renowned British play writer, has influenced the English language immensely. There are plenty of differences in the way British English is spoken to that of any other accent.


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    Many British accents do not roll their R’s. To get the hang of the basic British accent, start off with the R’s. The Scottish accent in many aspects different from the way English is spoken in mainland Britain. Scottish people tend to roll the letter R.

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    The letter U is spoken with an ‘ew’ sound and a lot of emphasis is given to the letter. Unlike the American and the Australian accents, the letter U in the British accent is spoken with a distinct feel to it.

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    In the American accent the letter 'T' in a word is pronounced with a D sound. For example when pronouncing the word duty, it sounds like doody, whereas in the British accent it is spoken like dewty. The letter T is very much prominent while speaking a word in the British accent.

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    In some cases though, the letter T is not spoken in the British accent. For example the word mountain is pronounced like moun-ain.

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    The British accent emphasizes on the H and the sound of the letter is distinct when speaking a word that comprises of the letter H. Herb is pronounced as erb in American English whereas in the British accent is spoken like herb.

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    To understand any language and to get the hang of the accent, it is necessary for you to listen carefully to how the words are spoken and the way they are spoken. Most languages are spoken with a particular musical tone that is more or less a unique factor in every language. You should listen very closely to the way the British speak their English and try to grasp the way they include melody to their spoken words.

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