What is The Arizona Museum for Youth

The Arizona Museum for Youth, also known as (AMY), is primarily designed for younger generation. However, that does not mean that there is nothing there for people of other age groups; it holds exhibits and classes designed for everyone. Among the activities, the management organises several exhibitions every year, featuring ArtVille etc. Apart from these exhibitions, art classes and workshops are also available in order to teach basic principles of art and techniques. The Arizona Museum for Youth is operated and taken care of by the City of Mesa, Arizona.


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    Museums usually preserve history of nations and different cultures in them and while they might be very interesting for archaeologists or someone with a niche for history, these sorts of places are usually a major bore for children.

    Most museums encourage student trips; but, no further steps are taken towards creating an attractive environment for the youngsters. However, AMY has a mission to inspire children of different age groups to get an experience of art, imagination and creativity through this museum.

    It has materialised the dream of valley philanthropists Jack and John Whiteman. In 1978, this museum received the 501(c)(3) status followed by its founding in 1980 as the only museum in the United States of America for children, focussing on fine arts. It then became a public/private partnership in 1987 between the City of Mesa and the Arizona Museum for Youth Friends, Incorporated.

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    It is interesting to know that this museum is established in a grocery store which was made in the 1950s and contains over 20,000 feet of space for exhibition, with two art galleries, ArtVille, ArtZone, three class rooms and a family zone. Both galleries are used for showcasing new exhibitions each year, featuring art which reflects a particular theme.

    ArtVille is the designated area for exhibitions for children up to four years of age. On the other hand, ArtZone houses art activities for kids ranging from five years of age and above. This place includes reading, drawing and building areas.

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    Workshops on fine arts are presented throughout the year with programs for families, summer camps and special workshops on Saturdays. These three areas are also used for hosting school tours.

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    Zones designated for the families have lounging, picnic tables, vending machines etc. There are no restrictions to brining your own food as some visitors prefer picnic baskets with home cooked food.

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