Difference Between Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium

The recently introduced operating system of Microsoft, Windows 7 offers various packages to its client. Keeping in mind the different needs of their target audiences, Microsoft has introduced different versions of Windows 7 that differ slightly with each other. The two versions of Windows 7 are Home Basic and Home Premium. The interface of both operating systems is the same and there are some slight differences in their operations. There are a couple of things on which a person can differentiate between these two, provided that he has adequate knowledge.


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    The most basic difference between Windows 7 basic and premium is that of price. As the name implies, Windows 7 Home basic is cheaper than the Home Premium version. The common reason for the price difference is because of the added features and enhanced functionality of Home Premium. Most of the people buy these versions depending upon the size of their pockets.

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    It should be noted that the Home Basic version of Windows 7 is used in only few countries as compared to the Home Premium. Microsoft has restricted the Home Basic version of its operating system to be used in certain areas only as it is only sold in a few countries. In contrast, a big chunk of the world’s population uses Home Premium as it is sold worldwide. Note that the fact Home Premium is used in majority of the countries has added significant value to its worth as most people use it.

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    Complete Aero support

    Moving towards the functioning of the product, we can easily note that the Home Premium offers complete Aero Support while the Home Basic version provides limited support. This gives the Home premium a competitive advantage over the Home Basic.

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    Home network

    In Windows 7 Home Basic, a user cannot create a home network but is only allowed to join it. In contrast, a user with administrative rights faces no trouble in creating and joining the home network. This not only gives more options to the users of Home Premium but also offer them more security measures for their home network.

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    Windows Media Centre

    One of the major differences in both versions is the availability of Windows media Centre. The Home Premium version has pre-installed Windows Media Centre while the Home Basic version does not come with that.

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