How to Find Poems for Eulogies

Eulogies are the speeches or texts which are delivered and written in the praise of a specific person or persons, or any other thing. The eulogies have special significance for the occasions of anybody’s death or retirement. Many poems have been written in the past, especially to praise the legacy of the individuals who have changed the course of history with their good deeds. However, you can find a lot of poems for eulogies of the living individuals. You can easily find some really good poems for eulogies. All you need is to have a good taste for reading and writing.


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    Search in text books

    If you go to a school or college, you can find some very good poems for eulogies in your text books of English or any other language. However, the poems in the text books are quite shorter and you may have to conduct some more research for them.

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    Search old literature

    The best way to find the poems for eulogies is to search the old literature. If you have taken English literature as a course during your high school or undergraduate programme, you can easily find the poetry of famous poets in your books. On the other hand, if you are not studying English literature, you will have to go to the library in search of the books which contain the poems for eulogies. You can also take the assistance of the librarian to find out the right books. Besides, you can ask any of your friends who are studying literature about the poems. Additionally, you can also take help from any of your teachers or instructors.

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    Read newspapers and weekly magazines

    Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily. It will not only enlighten you about the latest happenings in the world, but it also contains some valuable information which may help you in your studies as well as in hobbies. Almost every good newspaper and weekly magazine contains a section in which they include the work of the modern poets who write poems for eulogies. So, if you want to find some good poems for eulogies, you must read newspapers daily.

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    Search on internet

    You can find a lot of poems for eulogies on the internet. There are many blogs and portals where different people share their works. Just make sure that the poems given on a webpage really belongs to the person whose name is mentioned there.

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