Difference Between Wolf and Wolverine

Other than the similar sounding names, these two animals share nothing similar and are extremely different from each other since they are from two distinct taxonomic groups. Both animals have shocking differences in their appearances, and while wolves are great runners, wolverines cannot gain too much speed; nonetheless, the two are fierce hunters. They cannot be domesticated and are born wild animals. While some people have kept wolves as pets, there is no documented evidence of wolverines being domesticated.

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    Wolves are members of the Canidae family and are the largest in this group. They have survived for centuries dating back to the ice age and have proven very difficult to be domesticated. These are very intelligent animals with a high sense of smell. They live in families as they are social animals and always hunt in packs. They have a proper family system where the alpha male leads the pack while the rest follow. The alpha however, can be challenged and forced into submission if beaten by a challenger.

    Wolves are natural predators and during hunting they surround their prey to leave it all alone, fighting for its life against a hungry pack of wolves.  They are extremely strong creatures which makes them the ultimate predators. Their jaw bites are intense and lethal due to the sharp canines and molars. Wolves do not bark much, unlike dogs, but are famous for fierce howling which can run a shiver down anyone's spine. Wolves shed twice a year, once in the spring to shed the winter coat and then before the winters.

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    Wolverine is a type of weasel, and a member of the Mustelidae family. It is the largest animal from this group. These animals predominantly live in the Arctic and Subarctic regions of the Northern hemisphere which includes Europe, North America, and Asian continents. These animals have a muscular body and can weigh around 25 kilograms. Their lengths from the nose to tail can vary from 66 to 108 centimetres, making them equal to large or medium sized dogs. One distinct feature of these animals is their short tail which is about one fourth of the body length. Unlike many mammals, the wolverine female is larger than the males. They are adapted to walk on snow with their padded paws as they mostly live in areas covered with snow. While they have big padded paws, these animals have short legs which prevent them from gaining staggering speeds when running. Some of their main characteristics include small eyes, broad head and rounded ears. Their rounded ears are designed to prevent heat loss. These are also excellent hunters and not afraid to go against bigger prey such as elk and moose.

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