How to Draw a Werewolf Face

There have been several stories about werewolves that you have been listening since childhood. Now you are a parent, perhaps a father or a mother of a newly school going kid who does not sleep before listening to a story with werewolf being a major character. There is a possibility that your child is listening to a werewolf story for the first time and has no idea about how the werewolf actually looks like. If you are able to draw a werewolf and show it to your child, this will not only be a healthy activity but will certainly go a long way in making your child creative. There are only a few things that you should know while drawing a werewolf.

Things Required:

Drawing Paper
Drawing Pencil


  • 1

    First of all to draw the face of the werewolf, by making a slightly curved line or an arc and later add two ears to both the ends, upright in a relatively triangular shape.

  • 2

    Continuing from the ear line, bring the pencil down and make and L shape for the side of the face or the chin and further bring it down to draw the open jaw of the werewolf. And repeat the same for the other side.

  • 3

    On the top of the face or the forehead, draw a V shape arc for the top of the eyes and then draw the eyes right beneath each arc subtended by the V shape as shown in the diagram.

  • 4

    Bring the pencil down from each side of the eye in a triangular shape right above the lower jaw already made to make the upper part of the jaw.

  • 5

    Right above the upper jaw, make another triangle shape with curved edges and draw a circle for a nose in the lower part of the triangle along with a few more curves to complete the face.

  • 6

    Draw teeth of the werewolf right starting from the line right beneath the upper jaw making two prominent bigger teeth on opposite side. Similarly draw teeth for the lower jaw along the inner line.

  • 7

    For drawing the body or the shoulder draw a curved line for joining the two ears and later spread the line from each side of the ear to show the shoulder width.

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