How to Draw South Park Characters

When we talk about the most watched cartoon programs on the television, South Park comes to everybody’s mind. It was first aired in 1997 and it has made several records over the years. Kids love this show; even old people are very fond of the South Park. There are so many unique and amazing characters in the show spreading smiles on peoples’ faces. And the best thing about these characters is that one can easily draw these characters on a paper.

You can easily draw South Park characters and make your very own South Park. These characters have very basic shapes and are hence very easy to draw. Using simple techniques, you can draw those characters but the results are often very surprising.

Things you will need
– Paper
– Pen/Pencil
– Kneaded eraser


  • 1

    The first thing you need to do is to start making the basic frame of the character you are planning to draw. First, make a circle for the head and add a rectangle underneath it. The rectangular shape should be wider at the bottom for the body. For the arms, attach triangles on each side of the body. After the arms, once again draw couple of rectangles under the body for legs.

  • 2

    In order to draw the feet, draw an extending line under the legs. And for hands, you can use circles. However, you need to draw another small circle on top of the hands for thumbs. Now you have a basic frame of the South Park character without eyes. For eyes, simply draw two ovals inside the head.

  • 3

    Now you need to create facial details. Add a small dot in the center of each eye, which will represent pupils. For female characters, draw a line across the eyes for eyelid and add couple of lines off the side of the character to create eye lashes.

  • 4

    For mouth, draw a simple bent line. Or you can even use an upside down triangle for the mouth. You can draw very small boxes to represent teeth at the top of the mouth of the character.

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    The next thing you need to do is to create hair for the characters you are drawing. You can use jagged lines across the head for shaggy hair or you can draw three curved lines for short hair cut. But for female hair, you larger shapes. You need to add a mushroom shape around the head and draw few wavy lines to the side of the head. In order to create band, draw curved line inside the head of the character.

  • 6

    For clothes, add triangles for collar and use a pentagon for ties. For shoes, you can draw curved lines on top of each foot. Now, erase all the guidelines if you have used any and your South Park character is ready.

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