How to Paint With Makeup

Painting is one of the most dominant forms of art in the world. There are various fields within this form of art that one can take and explore the various options in it. Some people like to indulge in portrait making, others in landscape and yet there are others who are interested in abstract and other forms of the art.

The supplies needed for painting are expensive and one relatively cheap and fairly effective option is to use makeup instead of traditional paints. It does sound strange but many people indulge in this variety of painting and create some interesting pieces as well. It is not difficult to do and one can learn it while experimenting with the novel tools.

Things Required:

– Blush or Eye Shadow
– Lip or Eye Liner
– Nail Polish or Liquid Eye Liner
– Nail Polish Brush
– Aerosol Hair Spray


  • 1

    Background Color

    The background color can be added to the paper or the canvas with the help of powdered makeup colors such as the blush or eye shadow. Use your index finger to spread it on the medium to be painted upon. It will create a nice air brush effect. The effect is considered ideal for backgrounds with clouds, night skies or oceans.

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    Central Object

    The object that will be taking the centre stage in the painting can be drawn with the help of the many pencil options that are available such as the eye liner or the lip liner. Draw it as per usual and if you want to add a bit of effect to it, you can use the standard makeup sponge to give it a bit of a smudgy look. It can also be used to make the lines of the sketch clearer.

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    You can use a nail polish or liquid eye liner for filling in the colors in your painting. Almost all colors are available in the market and you can use the ones that suit the context of the painting. Make sure that you create evenness as you would in any other painting so that it appears pleasing to the eye.

  • 4

    Aerosol Hair Spray

    Use one of these sprays in order to help the colors in the makeup based painting set in on the canvas or paper. These are considered to be useful in stopping the smudging on the painting which can make it unclear over a period of time.

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