How to Draw a Vase of Roses Step by Step

One common visual theme among artists is represented by still life drawings of flowers, like roses, in vases. Learning from still life drawing is imperative for artists, as it teaches them a number of crucial factors, like how light falls on a subject, its composition, and how objects can be used as symbols in the fascinating field of arts. You will require a couple of tools to get started with drawing a vase of roses properly. Apart from the actual drawing implements you take from the toolbox, you will also need some artistic skill. The combination of these elements will let you capture the beauty, simplicity and symmetry of a vase of roses.

Things Required:

– Rose and vase photo
– Ruler
– Pen
– Pencils
– Drawing paper


  • 1

    Reference photo

    The first step towards drawing a vase of roses is to take a reference photo. While photographing a vase of roses, you need to position the items in different ways. You may lay the roses to one side of the vase, or move them around and spread them evenly. Once you think the lighting and position is perfect, take a picture and print it for reference. It is recommended that the photo is at least 8 inches by 10 inches in dimension.

  • 2

    Draw a grid

    Draw a grid on the photo using a pen and the ruler. The squares need to be ½-inch long and wide. A grid of the same measurement as that on the photo needs to be drawn on the drawing paper. You should use a pencil to draw these grids. Until you find the squares that hold most of the roses, you need to count the grid squares on your photo.

  • 3

    Analyse the shape of the roses

    The shape of the roses needs to be analysed closely. You should observe how the lines curve in a rose bud to form the folds of the petals, the stem and the thorns.

  • 4

    Recreate the roses

    You need to start recreating the photo on your drawing paper, using the grid. Concentrate on the roses in the photo as you draw. Observe the lines of the roses and their curves. You don't have to match the photo exactly, and can add and move the roses around once you get the hang of it.

  • 5

    Draw the rest of the photo

    Using the grid as a guide, you should draw the rest of the vase. The vase is most likely to be resting on a table and you should include part of the table in your drawing to make it look more realistic.

  • 6

    Erase the grid lines

    Once you are done with the drawing, you have to erase the grid lines and give your drawing final touches.

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