How to Create a Reverse Painting on Glass

If you want to make painting a hobby or want to get involved in art with your children then reverse painting on glass is an excellent way to show your creativity. Reverse painting on glass is easy but you will be required to follow a few instructions to get the job done. Not only is reverse painting simple but also extremely eye catching and popular. With some practice, you might even be tempted to paint the glass windows and cabinets in your house. When completed successfully, this simple craft looks extremely sophisticated and artistic.


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    Consider choosing any picture from your collection that you would like to copy. Sometimes, you can find an eye pleasing picture in a colouring book or look through other magazines and books. Tear the picture or make a photocopy of the page if you want to use as this will be the template or guide that you will follow throughout the process.

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    Include leaves, clothes, features, facial and any other small details in a group called A. Consider including the background of images and the theme in another group called B. These themes will be the branches of the trees and bodies or faces. Consider naming the background of the entire picture like the grass and the sky as C.

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    Now paste the page to the front of the glass as you want the people to look through to see your piece of work. Because you are painting it backwards, it is called a reverse painting. Now place the glass with paper taped on a table so the picture faces through the glass towards you.

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    Paint the picture on the page that you have chosen from the colouring book. Firstly, you will need to paint everything that was included in Group A. Let the paint get dry and then paint all the items that were named Group B. Let this layer of paint get dry and then repeat the process for Group C.

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    Consider flipping your sheet of glass over and then remove the colouring book page and tape from the glass. You will be required to frame the glass on the side with paint to make sure it is covered and the reverse side faces towards you.

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