How to Paint Bamboo on Wall

If you want to give the walls of your room an artistic look, painting bamboo on them is a possible option. Painting bamboo on walls is something that even a novice can accomplish because even imperfections in the paintwork will eventually add to the natural finish. However, you will have to be patient because the task may take longer than you think. Here is what you will need to paint bamboo on a wall.

Things Required:

– Drop cloth
– Acrylic paint (in any colour of your choice)
– Paintbrushes, medium and thin
– Polyurethane sealer


  • 1

    Cover the floor beneath the wall that you are going to paint with a piece of dry cloth. This will ensure that the floor does not get dirty while you are painting the wall.

  • 2

    First it comes to painting the bamboo stalks on the wall. This will be the majority portion of your work because painting the bamboo leaves will not take long. Remember that a bamboo is divided into sections just like sugarcane, with rings separating each section from the other. Depending on the height on the wall, decide how many sections you want the bamboo stalk to be divided into. For a wall of average height, dividing each bamboo stalk you paint in four to five sections will be ideal.

  • 3

    With a medium sized paintbrush, paint a vertical line in four to five sections, curving the line slightly outwards at points where you want to end one section of the bamboo stalk, and starting the next section with a slight inwards curve. Paint a similar vertical line approximately three to four inches away from the first line.

  • 4

    With a small paintbrush, paint horizontal lines to complete each section of the bamboo stalk. Completely fill each section with the same paint that you used to paint the outline of the bamboo stalk.

  • 5

    Paint the leaves to finish the paintwork. Remember that a bamboo has very few leaves on it so do not pain too much leaves. For each bamboo stalk that you painted, two three leaves should suffice.

  • 6

    To seal the paintwork, apply a uniform layer of polyurethane sealer. This will ensure that the bamboo look on the walls lasts longer and the painted surface is more resistant to stains.

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